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Joiners/ carpenters

We work on a wide range of construction and refurbishment projects and provide a wealth of carpentry and joinery option, from simple space saving staircases for two storey homes to high quality and quality and beautiful center pieces and window options for prestigious commercial buildings, as all of our carpentry and journey pieces are bespoke, we can tailor them to your exact requirements. No matter how big or small you would like new staircase, window or door frame, we will be able to provide the solution. Our expert carpenters and designers are second to none so you can be sure that you are inly receiving the very best products.

As one of the south East’s leading construction and carpentry specialists, we are able to provide high quality custom made stairs, window and door frames, all finished by expert craftsmen.

Utilizing the latest technologies and equipment, we can design and build beautiful and functional pieces quickly and accurately. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are also incredibly durable.

At G&J London Construction, we understand the importance of quality, precision and service.

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