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Ground workers

Grounds workers essentially involves preparing the ground, constructing sub-structure elements and floor slabs, and generally readying the site for above-ground construction to commence. Specific aspects of groundworks might be: (a)excavation (b) Remediation and underpinning (c) drainage and sewer connections

Earthworks supports

Whether it be simple sheet piling or full bracing to facilitate double or treble basement construction, G & J London construction has the experience, expertise and plant to get the job done swiftly and with client piece of mind. G & J London construction have vast experience working in central London, so we are no strangers to bulk excavation on sites bordered on all sides by high-rise buildings.


Our competence goes beyond simple pile probing or piling attendance, if your construction solution requires CFA or displacement. Unlike traditional piling contractors, G & J London construction can have coordinated both the piling and ground work packages to develop the opportunity of a time saving programme with trades overlapping under our control.


Accurate installation and drainage is one of the core services of any ground works contractor be it adoptable, private, pumped or attenuation. However, few drainage schemes are installed as designed, G & J London construction will identify any ‘clashes’ prior to starting on site and design them out thereby allowing work to progress on schedule.


At   G & J London construction we understand that our clients’ primary objective is to construct the foundations, whether they be strip, raft or piles, as quickly as possible so that the build process can start in earnest. G & J London construction from its incorporation have completed thousands of foundations combined with both the modern plant and technologies means there is no company better placed to construct your foundations.

At G&J London Construction, we understand the importance of quality, precision and service.

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